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Okay, for August I am doing 30 Days of Fountain Pens and Ink!

I encourage you to join in!

If you’d like, photograph all of these (actually write them out—especially the first 9 days). But it’s not necessary. :)

  1. Favorite Red/Pink Ink
  2. Favorite Orange/Yellow Ink
  3. Favorite Green Ink
  4. Favorite Blue Ink
  5. Favorite Blue-Black Ink
  6. Favorite Teal/Turquoise Ink
  7. Favorite Purple Ink
  8. Favorite Brown/Gray/Other Ink
  9. Favorite Black Ink
  10. Favorite Calligraphy/Blunt-tip Pen
  11. Favorite Fountain Pen Website
  12. Favorite Pen You Own
  13. What colour, of anything, would you bottle to be able to write with?
  14. A pen you like that others don’t
  15. A pen you don’t like that others do
  16. Favorite Nib size
  17. Favorite pen or ink mod
  18. Black/dark inks or colorful inks?
  19. Asian Pens or European pens?
  20. Write a haiku with one of your fountain pens.
  21. Why did you start using fountain pens?
  22. What was your first fp? Do you still have it? Does it still work?
  23. Do fps make your handwriting/notes more bearable?
  24. Cursive or print?
  25. Make a super-flourishly signature of your blogname and/or title.
  26. Write a favorite quote with an fp.
  27. Favorite ink brand?
  28. Photograph your inks.
  29. Photograph your pens.
  30. Describe your perfect pen (feel free to use pictures of parts of other pens)
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